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Unpetrified is a single-player narrative game about exploration, emotion-driven storytelling and the impact it has on how we perceive the world around us. The player is incentivized to explore each region to discover unique flora and fauna, relaxing places of tranquility, engaging puzzles as well as events that change the main characters emotional state. The world around the player reacts to the changing emotions - becoming happy brings out the sun, the flowers begin to bloom, animals come out of their hiding spots while being sad or frightened wraps the world into darkness with pouring rain and gloomy clouds.


The gaming market is dominated by violent games. Everyday life is stressful and exhausting. We see a clear lack of opportunities to escape this bleak reality and violence of the real world and thus, are creating non-violent, wholesome gaming experiences with compelling narratives.

Our goal is to create something familiar but still bring innovation with this project. With a combination of exploration and emotion-driven storytelling which changes the world and its flora and fauna around the player, we are convinced that we have exactly that with Unpetrified.


  • Enjoy an impactful story in a world that changes according to your character's emotions.
  • Unique interactions with flora and fauna through a feature we call "Aura Impulse".
  • Solve various engaging puzzles and uncover a deep and rich backstory.
  • Experience the world and narrative only through visual and audio elements.
  • A game to relax, enjoy and reflect.




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Big Indie Pitch Winner

Monetization Permission

Dreamhunt Studio allows for the contents of Unpetrified to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Moentization of videos created containing assets from Unpetrified is legally & explicitly allowed by Dreamhunt Studio. This permission can be found in writing at

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About Dreamhunt Studio


True to the words "play games, make games", we create experiences that are both fun to play and fun to make. As we are gamers ourselves, we want you to love our games as much as we love making them. We believe by bringing innovation into the industry and our games, we can create something special that can be enjoyed by young and old.

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More information on Dreamhunt Studio, our logo and relevant media are available here.

Unpetrified Credits

Dominik Gygax


Pedro Couto

3D Artist

Mirjam Doyon

2D Artist

Shoni Pal

Sound Designer

Léa Coquoz

Marketing Manager, Lead Game Designer

Matthias Thomann

Lead Architect

Dominic Lutz


Michael Schlapbach

3D Artist

Jonas Roulet